A few good men

I’ve been having such a great time substituting for Mr. David’s boys’ classes over the past few weeks.  It is so valuable for young male dancers to be in an all-male (except, of course, for Ms. Alexis) environment.  While those of us familiar with dance know the enormous strength, agility, coordination and endurance a male dancer must have to be able to perform what is asked of him, (Ballet Dancers Are Fitter Than International Swimmers, Study Finds) it can still be hard for a young dancer when he is the only boy in class.  

 In researching some video of Male Variations from different ballets to share with the Boys, I recently found a blog that I wanted to share with everyone!


The blog features some video clips of AMAZING male dancers, from Rudolph Nureyev to Fred Astaire to Lil’ Buck (of So You Think You Can Dance fame) that all dancers, not only boys, might enjoy.                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                  – Ms. Alexis                    


My Johnny Appleseed Experience

Being new toFort Wayne, I had never heard of the Johnny Appleseed Festival. But in my position as the new Development Officer, I discovered that I would be volunteering at the event. What I did not know is that volunteering meant I had to wear a costume, one that included a bonnet. Then I heard the whispers of the Johnny Appleseed police, how they come to your booth to make sure you are following the rules which usually leads to them making you cover something in burlap. Before the event even started, I was convinced I would be escorted out of the festival for not wearing the proper black or brown leather shoes.

Despite the terror of the festival police, I arrived at the Johnny Appleseed fairgrounds bright and early on Saturday morning, prepared to step into the 1800s for the weekend. As I felt the cool autumn breeze, I got dressed in my costume – bonnet and all. Then before the first shift had a chance to breathe and way before the cannon shot to announce the start of the day, customers were lined up at the booth ready for their apple dumplings! That success continued throughout the weekend. Customers shared their love for our apple dumplings all weekend, with testaments of how our dumplings are the only reason they come to the festival each year. In order to serve all of our customers, volunteers were consistently caramel saucing, whipping creaming and serving apple dumplings. This led Fort Wayne Ballet’s Apple Dumpling Booth to sell out both days!

As a new staff member of the Ballet, I am thrilled at the success of this event but I am even more excited about having the opportunity to share this bonding experience with all of the volunteers. I got to know so many of Fort Wayne Ballet’s family members, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you to all the volunteers, board member and staff who helped make my first Johnny Appleseed festival so fun – and successful! See you next year.